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Club News 2004

25-27 February 2005

Group C/GTP Racing will have a stand at The International Historic Motorsport Show 25-27 February 2005 - NAC Stoneleigh

News item date: 1st December 2004
13-16 January 2005

Group C/GTP Racing will have a major display in the Historic Hall at Autosport International 13-16 January 2005 - NEC Birmingham.

We look forward to welcoming club members and enthusiastic supporters over the four days of the event.

News item date: 1st December 2004
2005 Race Programme

Thanks to all the people who came to the club meeting on Saturday 16th October. Thanks also to everyone for such a good response to the questionnaire, which is helping us to sort out the race programme for 2005.

Anyone new coming to the site who would like to complete the questionnaire will find the link in the news item below.

In the meantime, we are working hard to produce a provisional programme that best matches the desires and pocket of the members.  More on this in the next three weeks, when we should have more confirmed dates.

News item date: 20 October 2004
2005 Race Programme Questionnaire and Club Meeting on Saturday 16th October 2004

We are holding a club meeting at The White Horse in Silverstone Village at 12noon prompt on Saturday 16th October, which will finish at around 1.30pm.

In order to make the meeting as constructive as possible we would ask you to complete the QUESTIONNAIRE by clicking here

News item date: 8 October 2004
Ian Donaldson, Club member and ex-Porsche 962 competitor

Congratulations to Ian Donaldson, Gregor Fisken and Lars Nielsen for finishing 6th in the GTS class in their Porsche GT3 at Le Mans 2004, a fantastic achievement and great that it happened when we had returned with the Group C cars.

News item date: 22 July 2004
Justin Law at Goodwood

Congratulations to Justin Law who stopped the clock at 49.26 to set FTD at the Festival of Speed in a Don Law Racing client's Jaguar XJR-12.
"Autosport" -

News item date: 22 July 2004
Le Mans Entry List posted

Click Here to see the entry list for the Le Mans event

Qualifying and race results now posted in Race Reports including class and overall race positions

Many photos from the event can be seen here

News item date: 14 June 2004
Spa Entry List posted

Click Here to see the entry list for the Spa Francorchamps event

Qualifying and race results now posted in Race Reports (Full report now added)

News item date: 5 May 2004
  Le Mans 2004
What a fantastic sight it is going to be on Saturday June 12th 2004. We already have 36 cars signed up and paid for and a few more waiting in the wings - but they had better be quick !
  Not since 1990 have spectators had the opportunity to see such a large group of these fabulous cars from possibly the best modern sportscar era.

A very welcome addition to out ranks in 2004 is Charlie Agg with his Nissan R90CK which ran at Le Mans in 1990 driven by Bailey, Brundell and Brancatelli.
Picture shows car running on the Daytona infield.

News item date: 27th April 2004
New Cars for 2004

Click Here for details of these interesting cars that will be joining us in 2004

News item date: 26 April 2004
16 April 2004 Silverstone Test Day

  Neil Clark and Ian Stinton testing the two EMKA Aston Martins and by the end of the day putting extremely repectable times.

Neil Clark surprised himself and had a great time without having to change gear all the time. You can't beat litres !

  Justin Law/Henry Pearman completed a successful test session in Henry's XJR11.

Jim Graham. Managed to get the engine working really well and sorted the VERY lively back end. Just the brake balance to tweak, ready for Le Mans.

  Henry Pearman ran well until a familiar mystery cut-out. As Jim Graham can confirm, some Porsche secrets are difficult to crack !

Richard Bateman and David Mercer working together to get the very best out of the extremely smart (open rear wheeled) Tiga for the 2004 season.

  Jim trying to sell overalls to John !    
  News item date: 23 April 2004    
1st April 2004 Silverstone Test Day

  David Mercer shaking down his very fast and well developed C1 Spice for the first race at Spa. Sadly, not able to join us at Le Mans.

Molly Mercer. Ace pit crew and overall manager keeping the lad upto speed.

  The Don Law Team battling against the elements - cold and windy !

Linzi Smart, Justin Law, Don Law and John Grant (and mystery man?)

  Don Grice very cautiously finding his way in the newly aquired (ex Randall) Porsche 962, formerly run by Erwin Kremer.

Don Grice, new member, BMW saloon racer enjoying the moment when Jim confirmed the entry fee for Le Mans !!
The club welcomes Don to the gang.

  News item date: 23 April 2004    
20-22 February 2004


News item date: 26 March 2004
Group C/GTP Racing had a stand at International Historic Motorsport show - NAC Stoneleigh and we had a great deal of interest from all types of racing people, including organisers, Richard Lloyd and so on. Picture shows Charlie Agg with John Christie (worked on Nissans in the period).

Group C/GTP Racing 'Return' to Le Mans - 12/13 June 2004

Lovers of the fantastic 'Group C' period will be thrilled to hear that Group C/GTP Racing, the club running these cars in Europe, has teamed up with Motor Racing Legends to run a race on the Saturday morning of the main race at Le Mans in June 2004.

The race is for 40 cars (+ 4 reserves) with one driver of a maximum of 40 minutes duration, (no refuelling) allowing for wheels/tyres to be changed in the event of a late weather change.

As with all Group C/GTP Racing events, entry is by invitation and will be restricted to members who raced in 2003 plus those who have already requested an invitation to run their cars in the 2004 season of individual races.
There will an exciting mix of period cars from the Group C and GTP / IMSA family and is likely to include Aston Martin AMR1, Argo, Bardon, Ecosse, EMKA, Jaguar, Lancia, Nissan, Porsche, Spice, Tiga.

A great spread of the finest period cars from 1984 to 1993 are expected and the sight of 40 of these cars will undoubtedly re-ignite the enthusiasm felt by so many who followed the cars in period, from the famous front runners to the smaller, semi-private teams.

We can't wait to see the grid line up! Photo of the year?

Provisional Programme

Signing on at 09.00 on Thursday, 10th June 2004
Drivers Briefing 15.30 - Thursday
Qualifying 17.30 to 18.30 - Thursday
Free day Friday, 11th June
Race 10.00 Saturday, 12th June

News item date: 17th February 2004
RACE CALENDAR at 10th February 2004

Due to the very recent sale of the UK circuits, race availabilty is the subject of a fairly massive rescheduling of everyone's programme. We now have four races booked, subject to contract, which include Spa on May 7-9, Nurburgring June 25-27, Donington 28-29 August and Zandvoort on September 25-26.

We are hoping for confirmation of availability on the other races within the next 10 days.

Any queries please ring Jim Graham on +44 (0) 1926 43 58 43

Thank you all for your patience

News item date: 10th February 2004
Autosport International Show Stand

Group C/GTP Racing had a stand at Autosport International. Click Here for pictures from the event.

We had a good show with a lot of interest from general enthusiasts, car owners and race organisers.

Thanks - We would like to thank Paul Knapton, Derek Hood, Gary Pearson, John Pearson and Phil Stott for sponsoring the stand and Penny Graham for enduring five days on parade !

News item date: 28th January 2004
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