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2003 Race Reports

  Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, 3-4 May 2003

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After the Silverstone race a smaller selection of the "people" photographs will be available from this event to make room for new pictures

  Ex IMSA racer Jim Mullen with Chris Randall talking 'shop' in the pits. Chris Randall, Spice-Cosworth and Jim Graham, Porsche 962C ready for qualifying. Gerry Wainwright about to qualify Allen Lloyd's Jaguar XJR-16.
  Phil Stott (L) relaxing with Patrick Batten! L-R Henry Pearman, Richard Bryan from the USA and Nick Randall. David Mercer Spice-Cosworth, Jim Mullen, Spice-Chevrolet and no.28 Nick Adams Spice SE88C lining up before the first race.
The Group 44 Jaguar XJR-5 of Don Miles with Duncan McKay's Spice driven by Nick Adams and the Justin Law Jaguar XJR-10 behind. John Nicholson (facing) with Nick Rini in front of one of the Bryan's Lancia LC2s and Mullen's Spice-Chevrolet behind. Ex British kart champion Bill Tully with Neil Clark's Harrier LR9. He finished 2nd in Class 5.
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