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Press Test Day

  Silverstone, England, November 2003

  Gary Pearson's newly acquired ADA being evaluated. Marcus Pye from Autosport posing with the Dow Corning EMKA Aston. The Takefuji Porsche 962 was there as well.
  Marcus Pye was impressed with the torque from the Aston engined EMKA. The Motor Sport photographer at work having chosen the right sized puddle! L to R. John and Gary Pearson with 'Whizzo' Williams (who happened to be passing!) and Marcus Pye.
Marcus trying the Ecosse of John Pearson. He enjoyed the agility of the C2 cars. Paul Fearnley, Jim Graham and Gary Pearson on a cold windswept Club straight discussing Group C cars. Paul Fearnley, Editor of MotorSport in the 'Pink Panther' Tiga.
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