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2003 Race Reports

  Monza, Italy, 3-5 October 2003

  Race 1. Law/Wallace (Jaguar XJR-10) leading Mullen/Kelleners (Porsche 962), Whight/Leslie (Aston Martin AMR1), König/Brunn (Porsche 956), Randall/Randall (Porsche 962) Rini (Jaguar XJR-12) and Stinton/Clark (Harrier). Further down the field on the first lap of Race 1. Stinton/Clark (Harrier), Cooke (Tiga), Stott (Argo), Bryan (Lancia LC2), Edwards (Porsche 934R), Bryan (Lancia LC2) and Graham (Porsche 962). Father and son. Richard Bryan leads Benton through the second chicane in their Lancia LC2s.
  Benton Bryan (Lancia LC2), Michael Schuster (Argo-Judd), Randall (Porsche 962) and Whight (Aston Martin AMR1) heading for the second chicane. Chris Randall taking some of the kerb round the second chicane. Ralf Kelleners (Porsche 962) on his way to second place in Race 1.
David Leslie in Paul Whight's Aston Martin AMR1. Two drivers from the USA. Benton Bryan (Lancia LC2) chasing Jim Mullen (Porsche (962). The two duelled for many laps before pit stops. Justin Law on his way to winning Race 1 in the Jaguar XJR-10 which he shared with Andy Wallace.
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