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Welcome to Group C/GTP Racing
The club has been set-up to be owned and run by the members for the promotion of the successful racing of Group C and GTP cars in Europe

  On completion of the section below we will post you a membership application form.

The up-front race payment is to enable us, the club, to go to race organisers and circuit owners with a package of cars and drivers, 'guaranteeing' a known grid at every race and full funding.

The club has been established with good communication systems in place to ensure that we present ourselves to the marketplace and membership in a professional manner, using a combination of e-mailed documents and our active website.

In this way we, the members, are investing in the future of Group C/GTP Racing for everyone's benefit, not least the enthusiastic spectators, who love to see these fantastic cars in action!

Membership fees for 2006 (renewals are due by February 28th 2006)

£50* Standard membership will include a club polo shirt, discounted race tickets when available, exclusive access to pit garages at race meetings, invitation to test days (perhaps 'buy a ride' if appropriate), news and race information via e-mail.
* + £10 o/seas p&p
£25* Member's Partner Membership includes Club cap only
* + £3 o/seas p&p
£15* Junior (under 16) Membership includes Club cap only
* + £3 o/seas p&p
£275 Additional Driver - 6 race package, includes club polo shirt & info/news via e-mail
£175 Additional Driver - 3 race package, includes club polo shirt & info/news via e-mail
£100 Additional Driver - single race, includes club polo shirt & info/news via e-mail
Any non owner/driver, suitably qualified, who wishes to drive a member's car must become an Additional Driver Member as shown above.

Race Entry Fees in 2006
NO refunds given for races within multiple race packs

All owner/drivers must be standard £50 Club Members to participate and any other drivers must buy an 'additional driver' package.

£4,200 Paid BEFORE Friday 31 March 2006, Owner/driver package to include registration and entry fees for 6 race weekends (normally 12 races).
£4,500 Paid AFTER Friday 31 March 2006, Owner/driver package to include registration and entry fees for 6 race weekends (normally 12 races).
£2,500 Owner/driver package to include registration and entry fees for 3 race weekends (normally 6 races).
£950 Single race weekends are charged at £950 each for UK and Europe.
Members buying a three race package and subsequently purchasing more races will be charged £825 for each individual race.

Remember that all membership renewals are due by February 28th 2006.

The discounted race packages for three and six races are designed to benefit members committing funds and entries, enabling the club to fund and organise a realistic race programme and, at the same time, providing those people with the best possible value.

Entry Fee Refunds

All entries to Group C/GTP Racing events are on an invitation basis and the club reserves the right to refuse entry at the committee's discretion.

There are no refunds for 'race pack' entry fees.

Cancellations for individual races only must be telephoned through and confirmed in writing (email/fax).

Individual race entries (i.e.  One-off race fee at £950 and NOT part of a race pack) cancelled on or before the Saturday 14 days before the race weekend will receive a full refund less a £50 administration charge. For cancellations on or before the Saturday 7 days before the race weekend a full refund less £100. This 7 day cancellation date is related to the fact that the Club sends the entry lists to the weeklies, Autosport and Motorsport News, on Monday morning of the race week. This does NOT apply to race packages.

Any exceptions to any of the rules will be at the discretion of the committee.

All communications are centralised at the club address in Leamington Spa. Your first point of contact there will be Jim Graham. All enquiries can be answered or referred to another member or expert if required and the committee will be kept informed.

This avoids several people ending up doing the same tasks, through lack of basic communication and ensures that you, the member, receive the best possible service!
The contact details are:- Group C/GTP Racing
29 Longfield Road, Leamington Spa, CV31 1QW, Great Britain
Tel: +44 (0)1926 435 843 . Fax: +44 (0)1926 452421
Please complete the following contact section if you wish to apply for membership and tick one of the boxes at the bottom of the page. Thank You

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    Within a few minutes you will receive an email confirming the above detail. If you do not please call +44 (0)1926 435843
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