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  Spice SE90C Cosworth
1989/90 Spice with Cosworth 3.5L engine previously owned by Jim Mullen. The car was run by Charles Zwolsman and Cor Euser, coming 4th at Monza in 1991 and 5th at Silverstone with Richard Piper as the third driver. The car failed to finish at Le Mans but gained another 4th place at Magny Cours with Zwolsman and Euser driving.

Peter McLaughlin
Competitively racing in SVRA, HSR, HMSA, Carrera Pan American Road Race revivals and Brian Jefferson 500 events since 1993. Won the SVRA Payne Webber endurance series in 2001 and the HSR vintage enduro at Sebring in 2002. Also competes in a Chevron B-26/36, Ralt RT1 Formula Atlantic, Lotus 23, Lotus 7, Sebring Sprites and Targa 66.
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