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  Porsche 962
History confirmed by Moto Moriwaki, director of Nova Engineering. 'Their' car started life in 1988 as 962.132 with Team Nova (Japanese semi-works team) with Okada and Dickens driving. Won the Japanese Championship for sports cars, winning 3 out of 6 races. Raced in 1989 driven by Grohs and Nakaya coming 1st in the Fuji 500km. In late 1989 car was crashed heavily and was sent back to Weissach who replaced the unusable 132 tub with number 151. During the 1990 season the car was driven by Weidler and Nakaya. Rebuilt in October 1990 by Weissach who replaced the damaged 151 with one of the latest tubs, number 171. Team Nova, who had managed the car from 1988, sold it to Bruce Canepa of Santa Cruz, who then sold it in September to Rudy Junco and thus Jim Oppenheimer whom Klaus bought the car from in 2004.

Klaus Frers
Has been vintage racing since 1992. Has had several overall wins including Eifelklassik and Oldtimer Grand Prix. In 2004 had 4 wins out of 7 races in a Porsche 904/6.
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