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  Nissan R90CK06
One of six cars built under comission from Nissan Motor Company to Lola Cars in 1989. Competed at Le Mans in 1990 with Bailey/Brundle/Brancatelli (DNF). Campaigned in the World Sportscar Championship in 1990 principally driven by Blundell/Bailey achieving several podium finishes. Raced in highly competitive Japanese Sports Prototype Car Series from 1991 - 1993 and was driven at times by Heinz Harald Frentzen achieving a numer of podium finishes. The Nissan which benefits from huge downforce and carbon brakes achieved 219mph on the banked circuit at Daytona!

Charlie Agg
Started racing in 1980 in an AC Cobra before moving onto an eight litre McLaren M8F which was campaigned in the International Supersports Cup. Charlie became the organiser for ISC in 1990 whilst running two Can-Am cars and the McLaren. Subsequently moved onto a 1970 March 707 which recorded 209mph on the banked Daytona circuit. Finally progressed to the Nissan R90CK which now competes in Group C/GTP Racing. Remains actively involved in assisting race organisers with his experience of motorsport, FIA and ASN. Recently won the Motor Racing Legends Group C/GTP Racing Le Mans Race.
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