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  ALD (Automobiles Louis Descartes)
This is the 6th and last aluminium chassis ALD built in France in 1989. Entered Le Mans in 1989 (did not qualify) and 1994 as car No. 7 driven by Boulay/Robin/Lacaud (retired after 14 hours). The engine is a straight 6 BMW 3.5 Litre M1 Block. The car was completely restored in 2001-2002.

Carlo del Conte
Driven in many classic car meetings and rally competitons such as Monte Carlo Graffiti and Trofeo Britannia. Guest driver for last 4 years in Orwell SuperSportsCup (2004 Winner Class F, 6th in Championship) and FIA Lurani with Formula Junior. Also competed in Monaco GP Historique and PAU GP.
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