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  Porsche 962C
Car owned by Jim & Penny Graham. Purchased by Vern Schuppan and ran at Le Mans in 1989 with Alesi/Hoy/Dobson but DNF due to fire. This was also Alesi's last sports car race before entering Formula 1. The car was then raced in Japan in the Japanese Sports Prototype Series. Driven by Martin Donnelly and Johnny Herbert in 1989 at Fuji, achieving 4th and 12th. Car was then run in HSR in the USA by Peter Stoneberg before returning to the UK with Group C/GTP Racing.

Jim Graham
First competed in a Ford Anglia and Jaguar E-Type in the 60's and 70's. Resumed racing in late '90s with a Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for 3 years. Started in Group C/GTP Racing with the 'Pink Panther' Tiga in C2 class and then raced a Yokohama Porsche 962 and latterly the Takefuji Porsche 962.
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