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Autosport International 2007 - Le Mans Dinner
  John Hindhaugh interviewing Richard Lloyd who is now running the Apex Jaguar XKR. The ever cheerful Hugh Chamberlain 'testing the waters' and an amused Catherine Wallace. John Hindhaugh extracting tall stories and the truth out of big club supporter, Mike Wilds.
  Andy Wallace and Richard Chester relax. Nick Chester with Paddy Hopkirk in the background and 'Small' Chamberlain. Derek Bell, Paddy Hopkirk, Tony Southgate, Richard Lloyd, Mandy and Gordon Spice and Mike Wilds.
  Daniel Poissenot confirms that the British are world champions at supporting Le Mans. Tony Southgate and Gordon Spice reminisce. Thorkild Thyrring signs on the dotted line.
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