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Club News 2006

Group C/GTP Racing - Spa, 14-16 July 2006

  A welcome return to Spa after a two year wait for Group C/GTP Racing with new cars and new drivers making this one of the most interesting race weekends for the prototypes.

Enthusiasts at the fabulous Spa circuit are in for a real treat with 21 cars taking part in the first of our Long & Sprint race weekends. A 60 minute race on Saturday with the option of two drivers and a 30 minute race on Sunday.

As usual there are some cracking cars taking part with three Jaguars for Christian Gläsel in his XJR8/9, Nick Rini in the XJR12D and Justin Law in the XJR12. These will be mixing it with the Spice of David Mercer and the Porsches of Klaus Frers, Mark Sumpter with co-driver Chris Goodwin making his first start with us and Aaron Hsu from the USA in the very late 'twin wing' Porsche 962 in just his second race with the club, having shared the Jaguar with Christian Gläsel at Monza in 2005.

962-011 is one of five works chassis provided by Porsche AG to Joest Racing following the withdrawal of the factory team in 1988. These cars benefited from the latest 962 developments and allowed Porsche to remain tolerably competitive into the early 1990's.

This car, when in Joest Blaupunkt livery, won Porsche's last Group C (WSPC) race at Dijon in 1989.

It was particularly important since it was the only time the Mercedes C-9/89 was beaten that season. The car also competed in Supercup, Interseries, and IMSA GTP during the 1990-93 seasons. It currently is in its 1993 configuration - one of only two cars to be equipped with the factory developed 2-element rear wing and latest specification bodywork. We expect Aaron to be very competitive at Spa with this car.

Jim Mullen who will be co-driving with Richard Eyre in Jim's GTP Spice, Henry Pearman Porsche 956 (sharing with Philipp Brunn) and Richard Oddie (sharing with Stephen Hepworth) will be chasing hard.

In C2, we are welcoming Martin Birrane in the Hart Turbo Spice shared with Ron Cumming (both having their first time out with the Club), who are expected to be chased hard by Alvin Powell, Tiga, Stefano Rosina in his first outing with the Primagaz Tiga, Andrew Smith in the very rapid Cosworth Ecosse, John Edwards in his Argo and the Nick Atkins Tiga being driven by well know historic journalist Ed McDonough (first time out with the club) and Richard Bateman plus Duncan McKay in the Bardon and Richard Chester in the GTP Abdex Tiga Buick.

The best bit is the competitiveness of so many of the cars without saloon car tactics!

Spa Entry List, 14-16 July 2006

Two Races - A 60 minute on Saturday (optional 2 driver) and a 30 minute race on Sunday

No Class Entrant/Driver Nat. Car cc. Colour Year
4 GTP1 Christian Gläsel D Jaguar XJR8/9 7000 White/Purple ‘Silk Cut’ 1989
6 GTP1 J Payne/R Eyre GB Porsche 962 3000 (T) Green - Leyton House 1989
8 GTP1 Justin Law GB Jaguar XJR12 6500 White/Purple – Silk Cut 1990
12 GTP1 Jim Mullen USA Spice GTP 6500 Red/Purple/Yellow 1992
19 GTP3 John Edwards GB Argo JMC19 3900 Blue/Red/White – Texaco 1988
21 GTP1 David Mercer GB Spice SE90C - DFR 3500 White 1990
26 GTP3 Alvin Powell GB Tiga 288 (upgraded) 3500 Red 1988
28 GTP1 Richard Oddie GB Argo Chevrolet JM20C 6300 Metallic Grey 1990
    Stephen Hepworth GB        
32 GTP1 Nick Rini USA Jaguar XJR12D 7500 White - Bud Light 1990
    Mauro Pane I        
33 GTP2 Henry Pearman GB Porsche 956B 2600 (T) Green/White - Skoal Bandit 1984
    Philipp Brunn D        
39 GTP1 Klaus Frers D Porsche 962 3200 (T) Yellow ’From A’ 1988/91
53 GTP1 Mark Sumpter GB Porsche 962 - TS/03C 3000 (T) White/Blue 1991
    Chris Goodwin          
77 GTP1 Aaron Hsu USA Porsche 962 3000 (T) White 1988
78 GTP4 Andrew Smith GB Ecosse - Ford 285 3300 White/Blue - Henry 1985
80 GTP1 Nick Randall GB Spice SE90 - DFR 3500 White/Red 1989
81 GTP4 Richard Chester GB Tiga Buick GTP 3000 White/Red ’Abex’ 1987
98 GTP4 Richard Batemen USA Tiga-Rover – GC286 2996 Blue 1986
    Ed McDonough USA        
203 GTP4 Jim Loftis USA Mazda 757 3900 (R) White/Blue 1986
103 GTP4 Duncan McKay GB Bardon Ford DB2 3300 Red - Goodmans 1984
102 GTP4 Martin Birrane IRL Spice SE86 - Hart 1800 (T) White/Red 1987
    Ron Cumming          
107 GTP3 Stefano Rosina I Tiga GC289 3500 White ’Primagaz’ 1989
Reserve Cars
88 GTP1 Nick Randall GB Nissan NTP1 GTP 3000 (T) Blue/Red 1990


GTP1 Group C1, C1a & GTP cars 1988 - 1993
GTP2 Group C1 & GTP cars 1985 - 1987 + all earlier Porsche 956/962s
GTP3 Group C2 & Camel Lights cars 1988 - 1993
GTP4 Pre 1985 Group C, C1 & GTP cars, Pre 1988 Group C2, Camel Lights & C Junior cars
GTP5 Interesting sports cars from a similar period.

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