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Club News 2006

2006 Calendar and additional NEW Race format

  After a very difficult period when Monza finally succumbed to noise protests our six race calendar is confirmed, yet again at great tracks and for the first full race weekend since the fantastic development of the Paul Ricard track as THE safest test track in the world, alongside the FIA GT Championship.

Group C/GTP Racing runs six race weekends per season with varying race formats at every weekend. There are normally two independent races with varying lengths of 30 to 40 minute duration and an average (with practice) of 120 minutes total track time.

NEW for 2006 is the trial of two race weekends with a 60 minute and 30 minute combination. The longer race has the option of two drivers and pit stops for all cars, which should make it more interesting for the spectators and challenging for the teams!

Refuelling will be using 25L safety fuel jugs and will be done with plenty of time for good safety practices, as there is a compulsory THREE minute stop.

All Class 1 cars will have to stop for THREE minutes and non re-fuellers (C2 and the early C1 cars that can last 60 minutes) will have to stop for ONE minute, when tyres must be checked.

Alas, no opportunity for this in the UK in 2006, but we are thrilled to be running the 60 minute races at Spa in July and Paul Ricard in August, when many drivers will be grateful for a mid race refreshment in the heat, never mind the cars!

  3/4 June  Brands Hatch GP  
  24/25 June  Nurburgring  
  15/16 July  Spa  
  29/30 July  Silverstone GP  
  19/20 August  Paul Ricard  
  7/8 October  Estoril  

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